Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saturday Flea Market in Dusseldorf

As I said in my previous post that the Dusseldorf is the known for its cosmopolitan character and sophisticated living. Dusseldorf known for its pub area known as Alstad, Carnival, 1 Km long fashion street known as Königsallee, Rhein river side. But some places are not so much discussed and Dusseldorf Flea market is one of several. Flea market is always a point to attraction for me as sometime you can get things at very low price
Dusseldorf Saturday Flea Market is no different from the other Flea markets in Europe. There are few picture I took when I visited flea market during my dusseldorf stay.

dusseldorf flea marketdusseldorf flea market

But few things are unique about this Flea Market. It is the biggest in the Germany, having closed area to keep you warm during shopping and very much in the heart of city. So if you are looking for a particular thing then its worth to visit the flea market as too many options are there to look around.

dusseldorf flea marketdusseldorf flea market
dusseldorf flea market dusseldorf flea market

Flea Market can be found at Aachener Platz every Saturday morning untill mid-afternoon. The flea Aachener Platz is located close to the city and can be reached from Dusseldorf Hauptbanof (main station) and catch the Line number 706, 707 and 713 Tram. I advice you if you are visiting Dusseldorf then you can mark one more place to visit.

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